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Mercer Island

Nestled in the southern portion of Lake Washington, Mercer Island stands as a distinctive city within the Seattle metropolitan area, with Seattle to the west and Bellevue to the east. Boasting the fifth-highest per-capita income in Washington, Mercer Island holds a place among the 100 richest ZIP codes in the USA, reflecting a community of prosperity and affluence.

Connected by bridges to Seattle and Bellevue, Mercer Island is recognized as a top 50 suburb in the United States. Its prime location provides access to over 475 acres of parks and open spaces, including three public beaches and more than 50 miles of hiking trails. The island's name, inspired by the Mercer brothers, particularly Thomas Mercer, dates back to 1860. The Mercers were among the earliest known inhabitants of Seattle, adding historical significance to the island's identity.

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Annual Household Income: $261,417

Households: 9,758

Averaage House Price: $2,177,546

School District: Meercer Island School District

Crime Rate: AVERAGE

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